A walk by the stream is an irregular newsletter, an interesting miscellany collated by McB. You can subscribe to it and get it in your email inbox, or simply read the archives whenever you visit the site.

What will you find by the stream?

Wildness is just outside your window...

Topics will vary each week, but talking a walk by a stream means engaging with the environment that we all live in, so expect a view of the world we inhabit.

Interesting things to look at and read, good things to do and things to think about will be found by the stream. Regular creative goings-on will be included too.

3 things are sacred by the stream. Story, in all its forms, be it written word or art or moving or still image. Music, especially the music we make for ourselves. Most sacred is the life-filled and desperately precious environment around us. Some call it "nature", as if nature is something other than humanity, but we are not surrounded by nature, we are of nature.

I hope you'll want to take a walk by the stream soon!